Scrap A Car

Need to scrap your car?


You can count on Dunkerton Dismantlers to make it an easy and secure experience


We are linked with the DVLA and issue COD's (Certificate of Destruction) for ELV's (End of Life Vehicles) that are brought in to us.


We work in partnership with the Bristish Transport Police and are registered with Operation Tornado, a scheme put in place by British Transport Police to restrict the sale and movement of stolen metal. - See more about Operation Tornado 


Follow the steps below to make scrapping your car as easy as possible...

Step 1. Call Us


Can you still legally drive your car to us?  If so...


Please call us on 01761 431138


Do you require a vehicle collection?  If so...


Please call us on 01761 452209

Step 2. What You Need


In order to process your ELV (End Of Life Vehicle) in line with British Transport Police and Environment agency regulations we require some information. This is a list of the items you will need to bring with the car.


  • V5 / Logbook for the car you are scrapping

  • Photo I.D UK Photocard Driving Licence (includes address) or,

  • UK Passport or original passport from any nationality, or official national identity card and in each case supported by a utility bill. (Not more than 3 months old to the current date) showing the seller's current address.

Step 3. Payment


We fill out all the appropriate paperwork for you while you wait and then make a cheque payable to the I.D holder.